Sexiness, Shame + the Whole Story

I’ve been judged for a lot of things before. But being ‘too sexy’ for coaching? That’s new. The details of the story don’t matter. What really matters is what came up for me after I received that written comment from a woman two days ago. It bothered me. I value constructive criticism a lot. It …

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Pressure makes diamonds

What it REALLY means to start your own business

It all started with being miserable. I woke up one day + realized I didn’t love my life, or the direction it was headed in. Years passed, and the feeling that something BIG was missing from my life didn’t go away. I had a loving family, a nice career in the corporate world, I lived …

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A love that doesn't want you to grow isn't really love. Vanessa Velez

The Problem with Fairy Tale Love

Here’s the problem with fairy tales, they end with happily ever after. So, we grow up thinking once we fall in love everything will be perfect. Then reality sets in. And you realize your sexy mate doesn’t poop rainbows. Which leaves you wondering, what the hell happened to my happily ever after? This is not what …

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What’s Your Time Worth? + 3 Time Creating Tips

Do you wish you had more time? Imagine this…you wake up tomorrow and you have one extra hour of time. No commitments. No chores. Just one free hour in your day to spend however you want. How do you spend it? This is your wake up call There are 168 hours in a week. You …

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Resistance is a bitch and a teacher. Breaking through Resistance with Vanessa Velez

Breaking through Resistance

You’ve had enough already! You’re tired of feeling like this + you need to make a change NOW. You know what you have to do. But when it comes to actually doing it, something stops you. Sound familiar? “Most of us have two lives:  the life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between …

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For Grown Women Only

I’m sick and tired of watching women struggle. It lights a fire inside me. Because I used to be that woman. And now, that fire is my passion. I want to live in a world where every woman is strong. I’m here to help women turn their struggles into strength. We need to help each …

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Breaking Up with Your New Year’s Resolution

That resolution you made − to eat better, to work out more, to change your life − have you given up on it already? We’re officially one week into 2014. By now, most people have given up. Sad, but true. The first days of a new habit/routine/change are usually the hardest. Are you feeling shitty because …

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When You Fall, Fail + Feel Like Giving Up

It’s going to happen. You’ll be riding through life + just when you think you’re making progress, you fall. You fail + you feel like giving up. I know, I’ve been there. Stumbling is a part of life. Sometimes it’s your own fault. Somethings you screw up yourself. Other times, life knocks you down. Either …

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